5 Ways to Rock Your Pitch Call

1. Warm up your voice. Do push-ups. Jump-rope. Stream operatic warm-up exercises on Spotify. Do whatever you need to do to speak from your diaphragm and project powerfully. 

2. Ask if this is a good time to talk. It's a surprisingly polite thing to do and reporters will respect that you asked. If they're on a deadline, ask when you can call them back. 

3. Believe in your story. If you don't believe your story is interesting, no one else will either. If you're convinced, it will come out in your voice and conviction — so even if you stumble over a word or two, you'll still get your message across. 

4. Get used to rejection. This is a good life lesson in general. 

5. Follow-up on email. Most reporters screen their calls, so if you get voicemail, leave a message — then follow-up with a quick email. 


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